When it comes to selecting a heating system, three things are key.

Comfort. Reliability. Efficiency.

TRIO® is a heating system that combines all three benefits and is the result of European design, American engineering and 50 years of manufacturing expertise. TRIO is a proprietary design manufactured by PurePro® and distributed exclusively through F.W. Webb Company, the Northeast's largest plumbing and heating supplier. This means every homeowner who selects TRIO enjoys a unique value backed by a company that has a 150-year history of product excellence and service.

What Sets TRIO Apart?

TRIO Boiler DiagramThe TRIO heating system is not a conventional boiler. It's a high-efficiency, three-pass, low mass boiler. This unique design allows the TRIO boiler to heat up in half the time of a conventional boiler...saving fuel, time and money. In addition to eliminating fuel waste and optimizing operating efficiency, TRIO's proven recirculating flue gas technology reduces emissions and your carbon footprint. This simple equation, along with the reputation of F.W. Webb, the company standing behind TRIO, provides both contractors and homeowners with the industry's best heating system.

TRIO is the Top Choice

Superior construction, ease of installation and design features that make maintenance and repair fast and easy are all reasons that thousands of contractors and homeowners have come to rely on TRIO for superior heating.

Only TRIO offers a full lifetime warranty on the cast iron heat exchanger AND allows the warranty to be transferred to a new homeowner for the first 20 years it’s in use. Real estate agents, building inspectors and home buyers see this as a great selling feature when selling a home.
The TRIO boiler is constructed of silicon-infused cast iron, which offers superior elasticity and unparalleled performance in a variety of temperature swings. This means the boiler will perform better and last longer.
TRIO boilers are Energy Star rated up to 87%, meeting energy efficiency rates that qualify for oil boiler rebates in some states.
The TRIO boiler can be outfitted to run on oil, natural gas or propane. If the home’s fuel source ever changes, you can simply replace the burner without voiding the boiler warranty. In addition, a Hydrostat fuel smart control is a standard feature on all TRIO systems, providing a seamless way to lower boiler temperatures to save fuel without sacrificing comfort.
Add the Energy Manager Plus II to Maximize System Efficiency

The Energy Manager Plus II operates circulators and/or zone valves to make the system more efficient by allowing delivery of the right heat to each area only when it's needed. Learn more.

TRIO Boiler
Optimize Hot Water Delivery with an Integrated System

PurePro® offers a complete line of indirect water heaters to work with any TRIO boiler. Installing a new boiler is the perfect time to upgrade your hot water heater! Learn more.