A Superior Brand Available Exclusively to Contractors Through F.W. Webb Company

As the largest plumbing and heating distributor in the Northeast, F.W. Webb Company works with contractors to design, develop and manufacture a complete line of more than 1000 products sold only to contractors under the proprietary brand: PurePro. These products provide a unique value not found elsewhere in the industry. TRIO is a PurePro heating system assembled in Pennsylvania and distributed exclusively through F.W. Webb.

TRIO is unlike any other heating system on the market and was designed to fill the need for both a residential and commercial cast iron boiler that stands above the rest in reliability and efficiency. TRIO Cast Iron Boilers are a result of European design, American engineering and more than 50 years of manufacturing expertise.

Superior construction, ease of installation and design features that make maintenance and repair fast and easy are all reasons that thousands of contractors and homeowners have come to rely on TRIO for heating. TRIO, like all PurePro products, offers an unmatched combination of quality, value and reliability - 100% certified and backed by F.W. Webb.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about TRIO on this website and visit our Where to Buy page for more information.

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