TRIO Boiler by PurePro

Maximize System Efficiency with
TRIO Energy Manager Plus II

The PurePro® Energy Manager Plus II integrates a 5 zone relay board, boiler aquastat, low water cutoff, and boiler reset which complies with the September 2012 standards. This all-in-one, simple to use control comes completely pre-wired.

The PurePro® Energy Manager Plus II features the Honeywell AQ25042B multiple zone control and the Hydrolevel 3250 HydroStat®. The HydroStat 3250 uses Thermal Targeting to match the heat load and boiler water tempera-ture. To further enhance fuel efficiency, the fuel smart HydroStat is also equipped with a thermal pre-purge feature. When activated, the control will purge standing heat in the boiler at the start of any thermostat call, supplying the free latent energy to the heating zone that is calling.

Shown with optional
Energy Manger Plus
and Stand.
Energy Star